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Brother's of Dane book cover by D.B. Havoc
The Gunpowder Winter book cover by D.B. Havoc
The Maze of Umidor book cover by D.B. Havoc
Tears of Hasa book cover by D.B. Havoc
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Exiled and desperate, Emperor Elric Veshlor turns to the unlikeliest of allies—the notorious Brothers of Dane. 


Tasked with an impossible mission, they must plunge into the treacherous Untamed Lands to unearth the mythical Udin Stone.


Once a symbol of unity for dwarven kings, the stone now holds the key to saving Veshlor's son. For the Brothers, this is the heist of a lifetime. The goal: be the first to rediscover the lost city of Dhravendor, snatch the Udin Stone, and live to revel in the spoils.


As danger lurks in the wilds and time ticks away, the legend of Dane begins. 


Can the Brothers pull off the ultimate score, or will they become casualties of a quest that pushes the limits of survival? 


Join them on an epic journey where every step is a gamble, and the fate of a kingdom hinges on their success. 


The impossible adventure awaits—how hard could it be?

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The Gunpowder winter book cover by D.B. Havoc
The Gunpowder winter book cover by D.B. Havoc

Emperor Elric Veshlor is back with a vengeance, leading a formidable army to conquer all of Arbrai. Desperate to thwart his plans, the Imperium kidnaps Veshlor's son, setting off a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.


Determined to save both his son and his quest for dominance, Elric refuses to relent in his campaign. Amidst the chaos, the Brothers of Dane emerge as his last hope. 


Their mission: infiltrate the brutal mountain prison of Varakus.


Varakus holds the key to rescuing Ladrius, sabotaging the Imperium, and surviving the deadly challenges that await. Can the Brothers of Dane pull off the impossible once again, or will Arbrai succumb to the shadows of tyranny? 

Get ready for an epic journey filled with danger, daring exploits, and the ultimate test of brotherhood. Will they triumph against all odds? The fate of Arbrai hangs in the balance.

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The Maze of Umidor book covers by D.B. Havoc
The Maze of Umidor book covers by D.B. Havoc

Stuck on the wrong side of the Anvil mountains, Elric Veshlor's army faces a brutal journey through the fortified Gap of Camus, where every step forward is paid in blood. With time running out, Elric entrusts Mak to find another way.


His solution: The Maze of Umidor. 


Crafted by a madman, Umidor carves a perilous path beneath the Anvils, offering a potential shortcut to victory. 


Mak soon discovers that Umidor is more than a maze—it's a tomb. Navigating its treacherous depths becomes a race against time, with old flames reigniting and new enemies emerging.


Join Mak on a thrilling journey filled with twists, turns, and the looming specter of fate. 


The quest for triumph just got deadlier. 


Will he conquer the maze or will Umidor become our hero’s final resting place? 

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The Tears of Hasa book covers by D.B. Havoc

Rebellion brews in Arbrai.  Fueled by religious fanaticism, the Sons of Hasa leave destruction in their wake.  Facing a nation in chaos, Elric Veshlor, desperate for peace, calls upon Mak for a final mission. 


Quell the uprising at any cost.


Things get complicated when Mak realizes that the holy warrior leading the rebellion is Dag.


Dag needs Mak’s help retrieving the legendary Tears of Hasa to save his son, promising surrender in return. Reluctantly, Mak embarks on a perilous journey across desolate plains in pursuit of the Forgotten City where the Tears are said to reside. Secrets unravel as myths, legends, and the history of their world converge, posing questions that challenge their beliefs.


As they delve into the heart of the Forgotten City, the Brothers discover more than they bargained for.  Can they secure the Tears of Hasa, or is there a deeper truth shrouded in mystery? Brace yourself for a gripping tale of alliances tested, myths unveiled, and the ultimate battle for redemption. 


Who will live to tell the haunting tale, and who will be lost to the city's enigmatic depths?

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